Wednesday, March 02, 2005

A dream come true for pharmaceutical companies

In Colorado (in link see 3rd section from the bottom) over 350 youths were suicide screened using TeenScreen's survey. They found that over 50% were at risk of suicide and 71% screened positive for psychiatric disorder(s) at a youth homeless shelter. That's not science! That's a dream come true for pharmaceutical company marketing types and bean counters.


Blogger DD said...

I was interested in something mentioned in a recent email I received about TeenScreen. Supposedly one of the questions being asked of high school students being "screened" was whether the idea of speaking in front of a group made them nervous--and a "yes" answer was an indication of being prone to suicide (even though a majority of the people in the world would probably say yes on that one, including many who do speak in public and get away with it). That made me wonder whether there was a list available of questions being asked by TeenSearch interviewers. I would very much like to see such a thing.

3:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

TeenScreen is being VERY tight-lipped on the screening materials and the questions they ask. Parents need to know there is a Federal LAW, commonly referred to as PPRA, that says you have a RIGHT to see those questions BEFORE they bring this to your school! Parents EVERYWHERE need to make this request to TeenScreen!

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